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Website Development

Custom software and websites crafted using Laravel and WordPress offer tailored solutions for diverse business needs. Laravel, a robust PHP framework, ensures scalable and high-performance applications. WordPress, a versatile CMS, provides user-friendly interfaces and extensive plugin support, enabling dynamic, feature-rich, and easily manageable web experiences.

Offline training

Offline training courses in Office applications, graphics, WordPress, and Laravel provide hands-on, in-depth learning experiences. Participants gain practical skills in office productivity, graphic design, web development with WordPress, and advanced Laravel programming. Expert instructors guide students through real-world projects, ensuring comprehensive understanding and proficiency in each subject area.

Online training

Online training for WordPress and Laravel offers flexible, comprehensive learning. Participants master WordPress site creation and management, along with Laravel's powerful web development framework. Expert-led courses include interactive lessons, real-world projects, and practical exercises, enabling learners to build robust, dynamic websites and applications from anywhere.

Meet Our Team Member

Hadi Jaman

CEO & Founder

MD Niamatullah Atif

CEO & Founder

MD Rasel Mia

UI/UX Designer

MD Emon Hossen

Laravel Developer

Md Shishir

Laravel Intern

Ashraful Islam Sahim

Laravel Intern

Kamrul Hasan

Laravel Intern

Md Nur Karim Bhuiyan

Digital marketer

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Mamurjor IT takes pride in its notable achievements, a testament to our commitment to excellence and client success. Over the years, we have garnered recognition for our innovative solutions, creative prowess, and unwavering dedication to meeting and exceeding client expectations. Our team’s expertise has earned us accolades in the industry, solidifying our position as a leader in providing top-notch business solutions. We celebrate these achievements not only as milestones but as indicators of the impactful partnerships we’ve forged and the tangible results we’ve delivered to our valued clients.

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At Mamurjor IT, we stand out for our clear solutions, client-centric approach, and unwavering commitment to your business goals. Experience a journey where simplicity meets effectiveness, making every step with us a seamless and rewarding choice.

Modern Design

Transform Your Business with Modern Design for Maximum Appeal and Results.

Fast Development

Mamurjor IT Fast Development Ensures Quick and Impactful Solutions.

Simple Maintenance

Simplify Your Business Journey with Digibit Media's Simple Maintenance Solutions.

Full Flexibility

Mamurjor IT Offers Full Flexibility for Unmatched Adaptability.

People’s Say About Us

Najir Ahamed
Najir AhamedStudent
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Mamurjor Is a platform where you can build up your career surly because of their teaching style which is very unique.Best IT institute in the bangladesh I have ever seen. Recommend to all.All the best for mamurjor.Keep it up !
Shathil Sarkar
Shathil SarkarStudent
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ওয়েব নিয়ে যারা কাজ করতে চাই এবং ওয়েবে ক্যারিয়ার গড়তে চাই, নিঃসন্দেহে মামুরজোর তাদের জন্য বেস্ট অপশন।।
Akash Biswas
Akash Biswas Student
Read More
Mamurjor-it is a good platform for our skills development. We are very happy to have Hadi Jaman bhai as a mentor. Thanks, Hadi Jaman Vai for your programming teaching, and guidelines.
Km Golam Robbani
Km Golam Robbani Student
Read More
I am doing Hadi jaman sir's PHPcourse from codemanbd and I feel that out of all the videos I have watched and learned, Hadi jaman sir is teaching me the best and I think Hadi jaman sir is the best mentor for programming.
Ziaur Rahman
Ziaur Rahman Student
Read More
It was such a great experience and I've really learned a lot from Mamurjor. They have a great sense of humor which makes learning from them more fun.

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